In case you missed it, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy called himself the best back in the NFL yesterday.

Now, we've heard some interesting thoughts about McCoy's comments, but I ask you, why wouldn't he say that?

Beyond the statistics that suggest he is in fact an elite NFL player worthy of being considered among the best in the game right now, shouldn't every NFL player approach the game as if they're the best. Shouldn't every professional athlete walk onto their field, ice, court and think to themselves, "no one here is better than me."

Does anyone really think that the majority of professional athletes look at themselves and think, "I'm not that good?" Look, it's not arrogance. And even if it is, they're professional athletes, they're entitled to a bit of arrogance.

It's that "killer instinct" that we often associate with Michael Jordan that we're talking about here. Even when Jordan went to play baseball, he approached the game same way, "I'm the best player here." Obviously, Jordan's baseball career proved he wasn't the best, but I think it would be hard to argue that Michael Jordan approached baseball uncertain of his abilities or lacking confidence in them.