If the NBA season does in fact get back off the ground, you can expect to see Ben Simmons back running the Sixers offense.

According to a report by ESPN's Jackie MacMillan, Simmons "will be good to go as his lower back impingement has all but dissipated."

sources tell ESPN that Simmons will be good to go as his lower back impingement has all but dissipated. "If the season resumes," says a team source, "we're expecting to have him."

The veteran reporter adds that a source tells her: "If the season resumes, we're expecting to have him."

All good news for the Sixers, who likely would have been without Simmons for the rest of the regular season, if the season had continued as scheduled. The NBA playoffs were scheduled to start this past Saturday, whether Simmons would have been ready is unknown.

Simmons last appeared in a game back on Feb. 22 against Milwaukee, playing just four minutes, before he left the game with lower back pain. He played in the NBA All-Star game, but missed the Sixers first game out-of-the-break against Brooklyn.

However, it appears if and when the NBA season returns, Simmons will too.

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