The idea of trading Michael Carter-Williams is one that has resurfaced again in recent days.  It has been met with a mostly negative reaction from fans, which isn't all that surprising.  For a fan base that has seen its best player traded two years in a row, and two years in a row has had major injuries to prized big men, MCW drastically overplaying his draft slot and winning Rookie of the Year was one of the few nice things.

Some view the trading of Jrue Holiday and Sam Hinkie's past association with the asset-flipping Houston Rockets as an indication to expect the unexpected.  Or, last year could have been the perfect storm for a shakeup: a new GM inheriting a roster that wasn't his, led by a point guard who didn't play the style of offense he wanted, and a team devoid of assets finding a trading partner willing to overvalue him.

Regardless of which is true, and I tend to think that nobody is truly safe until Hinkie gets the foundational pieces that he wants, the moves of last year's draft have everybody on edge.  Regardless of if we like Michael Carter-Williams, we have to be ready for the possibility that Sam Hinkie could move him.

Whether or not MCW gets moved isn't so much an indictment of the quality of player he is, or even the player he can become.  Hinkie can like MCW, think he has room to grow, and still trade him.  It's based on whether or not there's another team who thinks he will improve more than Hinkie thinks he will improve.

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