With NBA free agency officially open for business, the LeBron watch is on.

After Paul George agreed to remain in Oklahoma City, LeBron's decision is even further under the microscope.

So where will LeBron land?

OddsShark says the Lakers are a heavy favorite this morning, but ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski says that's not a done deal just yet.

Yes there is video of his plane landing in LA, where he does have a couple of houses, and his production business.

But is LeBron to the Lakers a foregone conclusion?

"The Lakers are certainly a factor, and they are very much in this,' Wojnarowski explained on Sportscenter on Sunday morning.

"But don't rule out Philadelphia yet."

"Philadelphia is still working and trying to get a meeting with LeBron James, with his representatives. They have a lot to offer, they have a max-slot, they could slide him right into, they don't have to do anything with their salary cap."

"To partner with Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons, they have two young superstars, that they can go forward with for a very long-time, that as LeBron James advances into his mid-30's and late-30's, you've got two guys who will be all-stars and maybe MVP candidates over time and some role players there that this team would be ready made with him and complete with Boston in the east."

'The Sixers are still in this".

The Sixers will make their 'pitch' with King James and his reps today in Los Angeles according to Wojnarowski. No word on who will be representing the Sixers, but James will not be attending the meeting.

Remember LeBron's agent, Rich Paul, is also the agent for Ben Simmons.

So are the Sixers the kind of team and organization that LeBron could be looking at?

"LeBron has gone to very different kinds of organizations," Wojnarowski stated. "He went to Miami with Pat Riley and Eric Spolstra, he wanted that Heat culture.  He came back to Cleveland when there was more uncertainty.  He didn't know David Blatt.  In LA, it's Magic, but its not an experienced front office group that's had a track record of success, and in Philly right now they don't have a general manager."

"Brett Brown the coach is the interim President of Basketball Operations, LeBron in a lot of ways makes the organization."

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