Philadelphia 76ers' All-Star center Joel Embiid just wants to have fun. As he dominated the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night during Game 3, the standout center put on a show for the crowd. Dancing, smiling, and running around the court had South Philly going crazy over 'The Process.' The Sixers had their fun on Thursday as they took the lead in the series with a dominant win with a final score of 116-95. But now it's time to settle down.

The fans will continue to live on the high that the Sixers caused on during Game 3, but the locker room has to remain focused. With a two-day break looming, a lot can change. The Sixers are feeling good and feeling confident, but the Raptors are angry. Not only did they lose a close one at home by almost completing a comeback, but they got obliterated for their first road game in this series.

Historically, we've learned that falling 3-1 pretty much means the end is near for a teams' season. Toronto knows that feeling all too well. While the Sixers are celebrating and having fun, they are going to have to expect this Toronto team to come out with a vengeance on Sunday afternoon. Realistically, they will get the Raptors best shot on Sunday as they are likely looking at the next matchup to be do-or-die for Toronto.

"I want to have fun," the Sixers' star center Embiid quoted after the big win. Although the big man sure had his fun on Thursday, he knows better than anybody on the Sixers that they need to remain humbled. Just last season, the Sixers found out that if you're overly confident, that can take a toll on your game. Going into the series against Boston, Embiid admitted that they were feeling themselves a little too much and got punched in the mouths because of it.

This time around, with a little bit of experience involved, Embiid and the rest of the guys are going to remain focused on the bigger picture. It was good to see them celebrate in a must-win game at home, but now they are moving on to bigger and better things. With the way Philly played on Thursday, they likely have the remaining teams on notice.

However, not a single team is out to get Philly more than Toronto right now. Seeing as though the Raptors are always made out to be the jokes of the East when it comes to playoff time, they are going to be doing all they can in order to keep themselves in the playoff mix this Sunday when they go head to head with the Sixers for Game 4.

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