After back-to back bad losses to the Chicago Bulls and Sacramento Kings, many Sixers fans were ready to jump off the Ben Franklin Bridge, asking for the coach to be fired, among other irrational requests.

Sixers fans, anti-processors and NBA fans, relax.

It's a long NBA season, there are ups-and-downs and right now the Sixers are in the middle of a down, losing six-of-seven, including the two losses mentioned above.

Consider this at 14-16 entering tonight's game against the Toronto Raptors, the season has actually been better then people give them credit for.  They're already halfway to their win total of 28 from last season, and we haven even reached 2018.

Of their 14 wins, seven have come against teams that are currently in the NBA playoffs.  Seven of their 14 wins have come on the road, including at Houston and Minnesota are top four seeds in the west.

In their 16 loses, 11 came against current playoff teams, with a combined record of 168-81.

The five losses everyone is looking at, and have a right to are listed below.  But they happen, and people will zero in on them, which comes with the territory.

However, the facts are this, the team is young, battled injuries and lost some bad games.  But the expectations for this team was to be about a 40-45 win team and make the payoffs, which means they are going to win some games they shouldn't and lose some games they shouldn't.

If they won all those games, they be on pace to be a 50-60 win team - which at this point they simply are not.

It's convent for many who did not like the route the Sixers took to get where they are today to attack them when they lose some games like at Chicago, or twice against Sacramento - but objectively speaking, they are about where most people thought they would be.

Flip the Houston win with the Bulls game, flip the Minnesota win with the Phoenix loss.etc., and you have a team that is right about where they should be at this stage.

Do they have issues, sure, but people who didn't like the path they took, want the team to go from 10 wins to 60 wins because they had to wait four years to get here, that's simply not realistic, not sensible NBA fans know that, the people who didn't like the process use is as a way to say, see this isn't working - which is to be expected.

So with everything with the Sixers since the 2013-2014 season, its all up to how you think, some like the path, others don't - its all fun and up to you to decide.

Sixers wins vs current playoff teams (7)
at Detroit
at Houston
vs Indy
vs Portland
vs Washington
vs Detroit
at Minnesota
Wins (7)
at Dallas
vs Atlanta
at Utah
at LAC
at LAL
vs Utah
vs Orlando
Sixers losses vs non-playoff teams (5)
at Sac
vs PHX
vs LAL
at Chicago
vs Sac
Boston (X 2)
Golden State (x 2)
Cleveland (X 2)
New Orleans


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