PHILADELPHIA ( - The trust-the process crowd in Philadelphia highlights that the city is not exactly adverse to a loophole or two so the latest Howie Roseman and Jake Rosenberg magic trick is going to be very popular.

It involves free-agent receiver Mike Wallace and a weird weight clause in his contract that paid the speedy veteran an extra $585,000 when he reported to offseason workouts under 250 pounds. Considering Wallace weighs in at 200-or-so soaking wet that might have been the likeliest-to-be earned incentive in NFL history.

There was meaning behind it, however.

According to, weight clauses are not included in the NFL's compensatory-pick formula and by "hiding" that money, Wallace's contract will likely not offset a loss in free agency, meaning the Eagles are expected to receive two compensatory picks in the 2019 draft.

The end result of the cooked books, according to OTC would be an additional sixth-round pick for the Eagles as compensation for losing Patrick Robinson to New Orleans.

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