Everybody has an opinion on what the Eagles should and will do with quarterback Carson Wentz this offseason.

The options range from releasing him, trade him, bench him, make him enter a quarterback completion with Jalen Hurts.

None of them are viable options for former NFL executive and agent Andrew Brandt, who hosts the 'Business of Sports' podcast.  Brandt joined the Sports Bash on Monday and said there is only one option.

Fix him.

"The option that I always come back to is a boring one.  I really think the only option is two words. Fix him. Fix Him. Fix him," Brandt stressed. This is not someone who has never done it.

"This is a quarterback that was MVP level. Fix him."

Wentz played at an MVP level during the teams magical ride in the 2017 season, throwing for 3,295 yards, 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions before his season ended thinks to a major knee injury in Los Angles.

While his return didn't bring MVP level play to the field, he was still very good, over the next two seasons, Wentz threw 48 touchdowns and just 14 interceptions.

However, something changed in 2020, and it was clear and obvious for everyone to see on an almost weekly basis. Wentz was wildly inaccurate with his throws and irresponsible with his decision making leading to 19 turnovers before the team had finally seen enough and benched him in Week 13.

Brandt said that if he were Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie he would be asked head coach Doug Pderson, ' can we fix him' and if his answer is no, should the team be thinking about bringing someone else in who can fix him.

"I kind of believe that the Eagles right now are probably leaning in that direction," said Associated Press Eagles reporter Rob Maaddi on The Sports Bash. The fact that they want Carson to take some time, think about things, clear his mind, gather his thoughts, remove himself from the emotion of the season, leads me to believe the team doesn't want to give up him just yet."

"I don't understand why that's not the option here," Brandt added.

Stay tuned on this one.

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