The NBA Trade Deadline this season is February 23rd at 3pm ET and the 76ers potentially have two players who could be moved: Centers Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel.  While Noel is in the final year of his Rookie Contract and is set to be a Restricted Free Agent, Okafor has played limited minutes this season and it has become painfully obvious he is not a fit for this team as the organization builds around Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

Hoops Hype NBA Insider Alex Kennedy joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and explained the trade prospects for the two Sixers' big men:

"Noel has the most trade value, (Sixers) obviously have talked to a lot of teams about Noel and he's been mentioned in trade rumors for quite some time now.  Okafor has as well but I think Noel has been a guy more teams are interested in just because he is a better fit for today's NBA....He's someone that can improve on the offensive end I think more then you can imagine Okafor fitting into today's NBA with his style just because you don't really see many guys that are back to the basket scorers who can't really play great defense, who can't stretch it out to the three point line succeed in the NBA or have an offense built around them.  So I think Okafor can be successful in a certain role but I think that there's more trade value for a guy like Noel and that's what they've been looking at."

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