Philadelphia 76ers forward Ben Simmons rolled his right ankle during the final scrimmage of the team's 2016 Training Camp at Stockton University earlier today.

After receiving an X-ray and MRI of the foot and ankle, the images were reviewed by Sixers Head Physician Dr. Christopher Dodson and Sixers Chief Medical Officer and Co-Chief of Sports Medicine Orthopedics at New York's Mount Sinai Medical Center Dr. Jonathan Glashow.

It was determined that Simmons suffered a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone of his right foot.

"This is the part of the bone that has the worst blood supply," explained ESPN medical analyst Mark Adickes on Sportscenter. "This is the bone that Kevin Durant broke and had three surgeries on."

"The normal recovery is 8.7 weeks was the average return to play, but even with that the re-fracture rate is 7.5% so this is something you really have to watch."

Further medical evaluation and treatment options are being considered at this time and additional updates will be provided when appropriate.

"I would expect that he would miss at least two months," Dr. Adickes stated.