Sixers coach Brett Brown was asked last week during his exit interview that a high-level free agent was required for the Sixers to move forward, and take the next step towards an NBA title. When asked about adding another ball-dominate player to pair with Ben Simmons, he said 'we'll figure it out" with a laugh.

Make no mistake about it, the ball-dominate player the question was referring to was LeBron James.

But maybe, just maybe, King James doesn't want the ball in his hands so much anymore.

Speaking on the Herd with Colin Cowherd on Fox Sports Radio, FOX NBA insider Chris Broussard says he isn't sure LeBron wants to continue in his current role.

I’ve been told by somebody that would know that LeBron wants to play off the ball.

I’m talking about LeBron going to Philly and playing like more of a true small forward.

What I was told is LeBron has done that, because he’s never really had a teammate who was a playmaker for other guys.

If this is actually the case, if he decided to play for the Sixers, Brett Brown's task at "figuring it out" would be a lot easier.

Of course, Brown already has a ball-dominate guard with Ben Simmons, who doesn't shoot the ball very well.  While LeBron is a much better shooter then Simmons, he isn't considered a three-point guy.  But if LeBron wanted to be more of a traditional three-man, he could concentrate more on taking the ball to the basket and allowing himself to be set-up by Simmons, making them a scary tandem.

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