Sixers' president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo addressed the future of Ben Simmons' injury, saying the 76ers are continuing to investigate options for treating his right foot fracture.

"It's likely that he is going to require surgery," Colangelo admitted on Sunday. "That determination has not been made with 100% certainty, but its likely, that's my best read on this so far."

Colangelo explained that once there is a final conclusion fro the doctors to which road Simmons will have to take for his injury, they will have further details. In addition to that, he stated that the team will handle this situation, like they have in the past, with care.

"In no way, shape or form are we going to rush him back,” Colangelo stressed. “This is a process that we will go through, the same way we have handled other injury situations in the past.”

On thing both Colangelo and coach Brett Brown stressed was that this is an opportunity for others to step up.  The most likely candidate for more playing time is Dario Saric, who Brown said is now expected to have a bigger role to start the season.