The Eagles had their first week of padded practice and not all things went as fans had hoped.

Injury news has been released throughout the week since practices began.

On Monday, fans received news of two potentially serious injuries to a pair of key defensive linemen while Wednesday brought a status update on running back Miles Sanders.

On Friday, news came out on star tight end Dallas Goedert as Tom Pellisero of the NFL Network reports the tight end suffered a thumb fracture during the week.

The injury is not serious and a quick return is possible, but the Eagles have been overly cautious with many of their players so far, so Goedert being limited or missing time in the coming week(s) would not be much of a surprise.

Goedert should be available to start the season.

He is coming off a 607-yard, five-touchdown season in which he averaged 5.7 yards after the catch.

Goedert is widely considered one of the top 10 tight ends in the NFL and will play a key role in 2020 as he will need to help pick up slack in receiving should the receiving corp changes not work out and will also be turned to if the offensive line, with new starters in LT Dillard and RG Peters, fails to live up to expectations of their own.

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