I have been a huge fan of the NBA my entire life. Even when the 76ers have been bad, I have been in awe of the tremendous abilities of what I consider the best athletes to walk the earth. The only thing that has been a negative during my time as a fan has been the worst commissioner in all of sports, David Stern. For a while I could tolerate his incompetence because they had Michael Jordan. After Jordan was gone, and with the 76ers not winning a title, it became tougher. No single player could overcome his stupidity. Let's look at things since Michael Jordan's Bulls retirement. TWO lockouts, TWO shortened seasons, a ref who ADMITTED he was fixing games, and now RIGGING TRADES!!! The Chris Paul fiasco last night in which he was traded to the Lakers in a 3-way deal with the Houston Rockets is a sign that Stern has lost control of the league and is no longer fit to lead.

Chris Paul should be a LA Laker right now. The Hornets were getting a nice package of players in return for a player they HAD to trade. This is not similar to Lebron James, this was not similar to Carmelo Anthony either. This was a fair deal that the Hornets will not be able to get elsewhere. This was also Chris Paul's chance to make an extra $40 million dollars. We may not care what pro athletes make anymore, but we all have to recognize that nobody wants to be forced to lose that kind of money. This was done because David Stern can't control the owners anymore. He is not a leader he is a FRAUD.

Don't even get me started on Dan Gilbert. The letter he wrote to Stern was one of the more pathetic displays of manhood in the history of sports. He cares that the Lakers save $40 million dollars all of the sudden? Is that because the luxury tax money the Lakers pay go to owners like him and he doesn't want to lose that check? Or is it the "integrity" of the league? Stern should go just for taking THAT guy seriously. What do you think about David Stern? The Weekend Sports Guide returns Saturday 12/10/11 at 12 noon.