Did the Sixers choose Markelle Fultz over Jimmy Butler?

According to Stephen A. Smith today on First Take, the Sixers declined making a deal with the Bulls involving their No.3 overall pick, in exchange for Jimmy Butler.

The Sixers thought process is hey lets build a young core together, rather then try to add a veteran piece now that will still bring them up short against Cleveland.  Instead they take Fultz with the No. 1 pick and Boston now focuses on adding Butler.

The big fear for Boston is, if you add Butler and maybe a free agent like Gordon Hayword, did you add enough to overtake Boston in the short term, while failing to add a long-term piece that will be with you when LeBron either leaves or slows down in Cleveland.

The Celtics valued their plethora of guard, including Isiah Thomas, Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart enough to pass on Fultz and take their chances with a more proven star like Butler.

Two teams with just different agendas at this time, I think moth teams made smart decisions with where they are in their current state.

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