There is a great deal of focus on Carson Wentz ahead of the 2020 season.  Despite averaging 27 Touchdowns and Seven Interceptions over the last three seasons with a 25-15 record in 40 games started, there are still questions about Carson Wentz and the Eagles Offense that was 12th in the NFL in Points Per Game (24.1) last season.  Even though in 2019 Wentz became the first Quarterback in NFL history to throw for over 4,000 Passing Yards without having a single Wide Receiver accumulate at least 500 Receiving Yards, Wentz still has people who criticize him for his Fumbles (among top ten most Fumbles by QBs each of the last four seasons) and complain about his bad habit of holding the ball in the pocket, an assertion that he is inconsistent as a decision maker.  Others point to the talent around Wentz as the reason for his struggles which has been underwhelming thanks to numerous injuries depleting the Wide Receiver Corp and Drops by the Offense Weapons who do get on the field for the Eagles Franchise Quarterback.

Emory Hunt from The Athletic joined Josh Hennig on Saturday with perspective on if the Eagles have enough talent around Carson Wentz to be successful:

"I don't think it matters (what talent is around Wentz) - (Carson) Wentz is going to be who he is because when you look at it on paper, the Eagles are not terrible at all.  Their Tight End depth, (NFL) teams struggle to find one good Tight End, the Eagles have two and when you look at how they operate their offense, they were (among) the first to incorporate a lot of the RPOs that you see teams try to emulate, (the Eagles) were the first out there and it worked well with what Wentz's skill set is.  I think if Wentz can just remain healthy out there, they will win games because the Eagles have talent.  People talk about 'they need to draft this guy, that guy' but they drafted Jalen Reagor, they have JJ Arcega-Whiteside who I think got a raw deal because people just wanted him to be Randy Moss when that's not his game - And you still have Desean Jackson and Alshon Jeffrey, (the Eagles) were able to develop guys like...Greg Ward and those guys came up big down the stretch when everybody was getting hurt.  They got a nice stable of (Running) Backs who are guys that are dual threat as Receivers - So they have talent around (Wentz), I think its about the consistency and that's where Wentz's play comes into this equation because there are times where Wentz is not the most consistently accurate especially deeper down the field.  In the intermediate area I think that is where he thrives...he's able to hit those perfectly to where the (Receiver) can catch and do something after the catch.  He's also good inside the Red Zone; It's just those deep balls that everybody wants to see is where he's not the most consistent.  But I do believe there's enough talent around (Wentz) to make it work."

Checkout what Hunt had to say about how Wentz compares to other Quarterbacks in the NFL, breaks down the positives and negatives of Wentz's game, and weighs in on the debate of which NFC East QB better: Wentz versus Prescott

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