The Eagles just finished their worst season since finishing 4-12 back in 2012, Andy Reid's final season as the Eagles head coach.

This years team finished 4-11-1, missing the playoffs for the first time since 2016, finishing last in the NFC.

So after missing the playoff for the first time in three years, will Howie Roseman and the organization be more aggressive this offseason?

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On Monday, Roseman was asked if he has been given any assurances from Jeffery Lurie that short-term success can be sacrificed, in favor of long-term decision-making.

“I think winning in '17, we wanted to do whatever it took and whatever resources it took to win, especially when we kind of saw the opportunity," Roseman explained. "Then '18, felt like maybe it was an opportunity to run it back with the players that we had, and maybe even in '19, just continue to keep it going.

"As much as there's a little voice inside of your head that said, you know, now is probably the right time to change it, I think that's my responsibility that I didn't really listen to that as much as possible and now we're in the situation we are in now where change is necessary and change is inevitable to this roster and the things that we need to do to get back being the kind of team that we know we can be."

The Eagles will have the No. 6 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, which is the first step in fixing the roster that has a ton of holes.

The team can go many ways with that pick, wide receiver, cornerback, linebacker, safety, offensive line and yes, even quarterback can all be considered with the pick.  They could also think about trading down and adding more picks to multiple holes.

"That's something we have to hit on, the 6th pick in the draft, in a huge, huge way, and I think that we have the right people to do that," Roseman admitted. "I know that we're going to be incredibly focused on not only that pick, but the other picks we'll have in this draft and hopefully we'll have a bunch of picks and we'll go from there."

Roseman is right.

The desperately need an impact player.

The Eagles have swung and missed on multiple wide receivers in recent drafts.  Passing on D.K. Metcalf in favor of J.J. Arcega-Whiteside in 2019 and Justin Jefferson this year, instead taking Jalen Reagor, who struggled with injures in 2020.

While they were aggressive in those offseasons and it led to a Super Bowl and a playoff win over Chicago, they still could have hit on some of these picks and helped the state of the current roster.

Things can be fixed quickly in the NFL, but for the Eagles to fix things, Roseman needs to nail this pick or fans will finally get what they want.

Roseman gone.

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