Eagles right guard Danny Watkins is not expected to play in Monday's game against the Saints.

Head coach Andy Reid updated Watkins status today at his press conference saying: "I think [guard] Danny [Watkins] is going to struggle to make it in this game. He’s hurting right now. This is going to be a fight for him to get into the game.”

That means rookie Dennis Kelly will get his second straight start. Coach Reid talked about Kelly effort against the Falcons.

“Actually, Kelly did a pretty good job. That was a respectable job that he did, in particular with his first start and for going against a really good player. Can he do things better? Yeah, he will. He’s a rookie. He’ll get better. I thought he did a nice a job."

The Eagles offensvie line has been a major topic of conversation throughout the season, first losing Jason Peters, then center Jason Kelce and now Watkins.  However, Reid thinks the line is finally coming around.

“I actually saw progress with the line. Now, there are going to be blitzes that get you every game and then you’ve got to either get it out or you’ve got to make somebody miss and go and that’s if you don’t have anybody to get it to. So, that’s kind of how that works and that happens, again, to the best of them in this business; Michael being one of them. That happens. You’re going to have one or two of those a game, especially when you play teams that are bringing a bunch of different looks at you.”

The Eagles play the Saints on Monday night, you can listen to the game on 97.3 ESPN.