PHILADELPHIA ( - Deep Throat wasn't revealed at the NovaCare Complex on Friday but the two suspects fans seem to be focused on for talking out of school to ESPN's Josina Anderson both denied that they were the Mark Felt of the Eagles.

The latest salvo from inside the locker room through Anderson was two-pronged, attacking the organization for not doing what it took to acquire All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey and then shifting to the struggling offense and throwing shade at both head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz.

"We need to make s#$% simpler. Sometimes we need to just handle what is manageable. Even Peyton Manning knew when to check it down," Anderson quoted her source as saying.

Because Alshon Jeffery has spoken to Anderson in the past he is always suspect No. 1 when a grenade is lobbed from the ESPN reporter and the soft-spoken Jeffery was pressed by Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jeff McLane three times if he was the source before eventually setting on a "Nah."

“When things are going well, you all are going to write something great about us," Jeffery complained. "We 3-3. We right where we need to be. Everything is right in front of us.”

The other favorite target is Nelson Agholor because the fifth-year pro is on the final year of his rookie deal and not putting up the production needed to get a meaningful second contract, be it in Philadelphia or elsewhere.

Agholor was more emphatic, not wanting his name dragged through the mud.

"I will tell you on the record that's not something I mess with," he said. "I don't mess with that. You feel me? That's one thing that needs to be known. ... That's not how I do business. That's out of my character."

Earlier in the day Pederson also addressed the issue.

"I'll tell you this: For those of you that know football and watch football, a check down is a part of the game, but what people sometimes don't understand is you may lose your [running] back in protection," the coach explained. "He may get caught up in the wash of the protection. He may not get out. So it is an aspect of something we teach that when the throw is not there down the field and if you have the availability of a [running] back or tight end in that position, we will utilize it.

"So there are a lot of factors that go into that, and it's not on the quarterback."

As for the anonymous nature of the source, Pederson admitted that's somewhat of an issue.

"Yeah, you don't like to have anonymous guys," he said. "At the same time, I hate to say it, but we're kind of focused on the Cowboys right now."

Pederson also used his sense of humor to deflect from the notion his offense may be too complicated at times.

"I'm not a smart guy and I can figure out the offense," the coach joked. "It's not that complicated. Listen, it's a tough sport. It is a tough sport. I have to have the right play hopefully at the right time against the right defense, and I'm asking 11 guys to execute that play. We trust those guys to make the right decisions.

"If there is complexity in that, yeah, there is complexity in that because you're going against 11 guys who are really, really good and trying to execute that one play. That's why we wear the C on our hat for coach. We have to continue to teach and get our guys prepared every week."

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