Many Sixers fans became very frustrated with the Sixers season, leaving many to wonder if coach Brett Brown would be back if the team fell short of their deep playoff expectations.

With the coronavirus causing the NBA to hit the pause button, and potentially the stop button, what the team does with Brown moving forward will be closely monitored.

We asked ESPN front office insider Bobby Marks on Monday's edition of The Sports Bash to get his thoughts on how the Sixers front office might handle Brown's job status with the season in limbo.

"Philadelphia is a hard call," Marks explained on The Sports Bash. "This team had a lot of expectations.  At a minimum they would probably have to get to the second round or a Eastern Conference Finals - but if we don't have a season, how do you evaluate?  Do you evaluate just based on the regular season? When is that going to happen, does that happen in July or August? That's the hard part."

One challenge could be the two-years remaining on Brown's current contract, especially given the economic landscape due to the coronavirus, would the team pay Brown to not coach the team, while paying a new coach to come in under the current economic environment?

"The fascinating thing would be, there is going to be a point here where the players are going to have to give back money," Marks stated. "I don't know when its coming, but its probably going to come in he next two weeks.  If games aren't played, you'll have teams like Philadelphia recouping $10-15 million in player salaries.

Can you imagine a scenario where they let Brett Brown go, who a lot of these guys like - I would say a majority of the players, and that money is used to off-set his salary, basically the money you recouped from your own players. I think that would be fascinating."

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