To say Nick Foles had a special run in Philadelphia would be an understatement.

Becoming the first QB to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory earned him a statue outside of Lincoln Financial Field, and a spot atop the Eagles Mount Rushmore forever.

Playing a key part in some of the greatest moments in franchise history, Foles developed a connection with the fanbase, coaches, and teammates both on and off the field.

On the field, Foles was able to set multiple team and league records in both stints with the Eagles. He did it through the end of the Andy Reid-era, the Chip Kelly years, and the current core with Doug Pederson.

Foles was a part of each picture.

Going back to his first run from 2012-14, to the 2017 and 2018 seasons, he was able to build a connection with a wide variety of weapons. Weapons from multiple eras of Eagles football.

Eight core pieces throughout the last nine years finished with 40+ receptions and at least 500 yards while playing with Foles.

Foles to Zach Ertz: 131 REC 1,423 YDS 11 TD

Foles to Riley Cooper: 87 REC 1,268 YDS 11 TD

Foles to Jeremy Maclin: 79 REC 549 YDS 10 TD

Foles to LeSean McCoy: 76 REC 615 YDS 2 TD

Foles to Brent Celek: 60 REC 703 YDS 4 TD

Foles to DeSean Jackson: 58 REC 900 YDS 7 TD

Foles to Nelson Agholor: 58 REC 654 YDS 3 TD

Foles to Alshon Jeffery: 45 REC 804 YDS 5 TD

None of these connections were long-lasting, but Foles was able to develop a strong chemistry with each one of these players. All of which had very different strengths and styles of play.

These numbers reflect exactly the kind of impact Foles had on the Eagles and the city.

While it didn't last long, the weight of what Foles accomplished in Philadelphia is greater than perhaps any athlete in the cities history.

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