(January 6, 2021): On Wednesday's edition of Football at Four, Geoff Mosher joins The Sports Bash talking:

*Is the only realistic option the Eagles have with Carson Wentz moving forward is to "fix him"

*Would the Eagles push back against a Carson Wentz trade request by pointing to the contract extension he signed with them

*How many teams would be interested in acquiring Carson Wentz and would the Eagles get sufficient return in a deal

*Would the Eagles chose Carson Wentz over Doug Pederson if their relationship is "fractured"

*Any possibility that the Eagles will dismiss Doug Pederson this long after the season already ended

*Is bringing back Doug Pederson for another season as Head Coach the best move for the team

*Could part of the problem with the Eagles that the perception of the team is the fans are blaming the wrong people for the issues in the organization

*Aftermath of reports that players were frustrated with Doug Pederson and what we learned from Jason Kelce IG statement about what happened on Sunday Night

*Where should Jeff Lurie, Howie Roseman, and Doug Pederson start this offseason as they attempt to rectify the situation in Philadelphia moving forward

*Is Matt Burke the top candidate to be the Eagles next Defensive Coordinator or will the Eagles cast a wide net in their search

*Are there alternative reasons why Jim Schwartz is letting his contract expire and why he will no longer be the team's Defensive Coordinator

*Should the Eagles prioritize drafting a Safety in the 2021 NFL Draft and could Micah Parsons be a more versatile player than he has been classified as by some experts

*Has there been too much made of Doug Pederson's relationship with the players

*Can we accept that part of the reason the Eagles had a 4-11-1 record this season is because they we so aggressive in roster building the last few years

*If the Eagles didn't suffer so many injuries during the 2020 NFL season, would they have won more games

(Geoff Mosher is an NFL Reporter and Eagles Insider who Co-Hosts "Inside The Birds Podcast" along with writing for Insidethebirds.com)

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