(February 12, 2021): On Friday's edition of Football at Four, Adam Caplan joins The Sports Bash talking:

*What is the latest with Carson Wentz potential trade and what is the most likely destination

*What are the Eagles plans at Quarterback after Carson Wentz is traded

*What type of veteran Quarterback could the Eagles bring in to be a backup for Jalen Hurts

*Are there any dates to keep an eye on for when the Eagles would want to trade Carson Wentz before

*Perspective on the construction on the Eagles new coaching staff

*Is the Eagles Offense this coming season a blend of what we have seen with the Colts and Chargers last year

*Expectations for the Eagles Offensive Line to start the 2021 season

*What will be different about the Eagles Defense under a new Defensive Coordinator and will the changes lead to the defense forcing more turnovers

*How much of an impact will the new coaching philosophies have on what the Eagles will do in Free Agency and with the NFL Draft

(Adam Caplan is an NFL Insider who can be heard on SiriusXM NFL Radio and co-hosts the Inside The Birds Podcast)

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