(February 17, 2021): On Wednesday's edition of Football at Four, Geoff Mosher joins The Sports Bash talking:

*How many teams are the Eagles talking with about trading Carson Wentz

*Do the Colts and Bears need a Quarterback more or less than the Eagles need to trade Carson Wentz

*Is there a possibility that Colts Head Coach Frank Reich is or is not pushing the Colts to make a trade with the Eagles

*What is the possibility that Carson Wentz is not traded and is on the Eagles roster for the 2021 season

*Perspective on Carson Wentz handling of the drama around the Eagles Quarterback situation

*Was it the right decision for Carson Wentz to not speak about anything for the last several weeks because his words would have been used against him

*How much of an impact is the speculation of Carson Wentz stubbornness impact what teams may actually want to acquire him from the Eagles

*Are people just assuming that Carson Wentz wants to be traded and why has there been no explicit statement from Wentz or his team that he wants out of Philadelphia

*Would the Colts or Bears just give in to the Eagles demands if they want Carson Wentz as much as people speculate

*What does all of this Quarterback speculation with the Eagles say about the state of the organization and the future with that position

*Would it make sense for the Eagles to select Justin Fields or another Quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft

*What would it say if the Eagles do not trade Carson Wentz by March 19th and how that would impact the financial situation for all teams involved in a deal

(Geoff Mosher is an NFL Reporter and Eagles Insider who Co-Hosts "Inside The Birds Podcast" along with writing for Insidethebirds.com)

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