All Sixers fans have heard the rumors, all Sixers fans have gotten excited, but another report has 2014 first round pick Dario Saric coming to Philadelphia for the 2016-2017 season.

According to a Croatian newspaper, Saric plans to play with the 76ers for the 2016-17 season.

"He's excited I think to come over," Sixers coach Brett Brown told me on the Sports Bash.

"There still will be obvious contract negotiations that are eminent, but I think the words that come out of his mouth give us all hope that he looks forward to be a seventy-sixer very soon."

We have heard the reports that he has told his teammaes he's headed to the NBA, but its not a smart financial decision for Saric.

"If I am in Saric's camp, if I am his agent, or anyone close to him, I'm completely advising against him coming over," ESPN NBA front office insider Amin Elhassan said on the Sports Bash.  "Not because Philly is not a good situation, but because if he waits one more year, he can write his won check. "

If Saric comes over to play this season, he must adhere to the NBA rookie scale which would pay him somewhere around $2-$3 million, but if he waits one more year, coupled with the cap going up to $90 million he could get much bigger money by waiting another year to come to the NBA.

"He could get a seven-million dollar deal, a 10-million dollar deal," Elhassan said. "You basically get to call or negotiate against a team about how much money you can make. So waiting one more year to make double or maybe triple as much money in your first year is worth the wait."

The Sixers are well aware of that situation and coach Brown told us on Monday that he, along with Sixers president Bryan Colangelo plan on meeting with Saric in Turkey to discuss the pros of coming to Philadelphia now.

"This is a plan to go visit Dario," Brown stated. "

Brown believes Saric has grown into a much better player than the one they traded for back in 2014 during the draft.

"You can't help but look back at his improvement in his three-point shot," Brown said when talking about how Saric could help the team.

"There is always an adjustment period for the players coming from Europe, we see it all the time" Elhassan explained. "

The Sixers are banking his growing pains are smaller than other European players, just like his bank account would be if he decided to play for the Sixers next season.