On Tuesday the news came seemingly out of nowhere to blindside everyone that Markelle Fultz's agent informing the Sixers that the 20 Year Old Guard will not be practicing or playing until seeing a Shoulder Specialist.  Despite Fultz's agent informing the Sixers of this on Tuesday morning, later that day Markelle worked out with his teammates even after General Manager Elton Brand and Head Coach Brett Brown had a last minute media session to address the situation.  Since being selected as the Number One Overall Pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, Fultz has only appeared in 33 games as there has been extensive speculation about what happened to Markelle's shot from his time in the 2017 NBA Summer League to his first Training Camp with the 76ers just a few months later and now a year later many still have lingering questions.

Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News Sixers Beat Reporter Keith Pompey joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday with his perspective on the 76ers relationship with Markelle Fultz moving forward:

"When you factor in that (Markelle Fultz) went to practice (Tuesday) and he did some light shooting with the guys, if I am the team I’m looking at it like 'We need to help this guy'....If he went away and he wasn’t around, then it was one of those things where (the Sixers) have to move on without him - The fact that he was there (on Tuesday) lets you know that he probably wasn’t 100 percent on board with the decision for him in regards to the shoulder specialist; But at the same time there does become a point where this has become a distraction.  The 76ers are playing their best basketball in years, and I know last year they had that run but they were beating bad teams but they’re playing their best basketball and (now with) Jimmy Butler and the whole nine - Instead of talking about that, we’re talking about practice. It’s crazy.....”

Hear what Pompey had to say about Sixers' previous knowledge about Markelle Fultz's Shoulder, the impact of Jimmy Butler's acquisition on Markelle Fultz, perspective on Fultz-Hanlon breakup, and more

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