Ben Simmons has played in just two NBA Summer League games and people are buzzing about his play.  Some people are excited about his passing abilities and athleticism while other complain about his lack of scoring and shooting.  It is becoming more apparent that Simmons is a different type of potential star talent than what many NBA fans are use to seeing.

Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Daily News joined Mike Gill on Friday and explained what makes Simmons so special yet different than other NBA stars:

"He plays really, really hard. He wants to win, he plays hard, and he doesn't care about himself.  Nothing in his profile to this point has indicated that he wants to do anything but win the game.  He doesn't care what his stats are.  He had 6 points last night and played pretty well.  He made some beautiful passes, passes that guys who've played for 10 years (in NBA) won’t even attempt. And all he talked about was they won a game. It is a Summer League game.....He is the kind of guy you can build around for 10 years....He is very stable, very grounded and very professional. He will fill up a stat sheet the way Magic Johnson filled up a stat sheet.”

Checkout what Hayes had to say about if Simmons would've changed Sam Hinkie fate, why he is a good fit for Philadelphia, along with the prospects of Joel Embiid in the NBA

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