At 26 years old, Eagles Starting Left Tackle Jordan Mailata has gone from Mythical Unicorn Prospect when Philadelphia selected him in the seventh round of the 2018 NFL Draft to Musical Sensation, a journey that has taken him from Australia to Philadelphia to Washington, DC.

Philadelphia Eagles Left tackle Jordan Mailata
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The former Professional Rugby Player had never played American Football before coming to Philadelphia and now he is a staple of the Eagles' Offensive Line starting 45 games over the last three seasons.  But Jordan Mailata's rise to fame didn't stop as the Eagles Starting Left Tackle because his singing voice landed him on season seven of The Masked Singer TV Show and later that year was a key part of Jason Kelce's first-ever Philly Special Christmas Album.

The year of 2023 has been good for the 6'8" Australian Mailata who sang at his own wedding earlier this year and would also sing a duet with The Godmother of Soul Patti LaBelle as part of the second annual Philly Special Christmas Album.  All of that is the build-up for what should be a movie that should be coming to a streaming service in the near future.

Philadelphia Eagles Jordan Mailata
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FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer broke the news this past weekend with the details of how days before Philadelphia's Christmas Day game versus NFC East Rival New York Giants, Jordan Mailata was snuck into the White House at the request of President Joe Biden to surprise his wife and die-hard Eagles fan Dr. Jill Biden with a Christmas musical performance:

Now I've seen enough Presidential movies (Primary Colors, The American President, Olympus Has Fallen) and White House TV Shows (Designated Survivor, The Night Agent, The West Wing) that I can only imagine how this played out for the Eagles Left Tackle:

*Thanks to the cooperation of Eagles Head of Security "Big Dom" (who is banned from NFL sidelines so he has plenty of time to orchestrate this made-for-Streaming Movie that I am volunteering to be the screenwriter for), The Secret Service can show up at Jordan Mailata's house and squeeze the massive Australian-born Pro Football player into one of their blacked out SUV's

Philadelphia Eagles security chief Dom DiSandro
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*They get him to Washington, DC in two hours because there are no bathroom pitstops or detours to give the big man the full Washington, DC Capitol experience
*The Secret Service blindfolds Mailata because they must bring him in a classified entrance for the White House to prevent anyone from informing Dr. Jill Biden of who is coming
*Once parked, they remove the blindfold and walk Jordan Mailata into a special entrance so the First Lady doesn't see the Eagles' Left Tackle coming

The White House in Washington, DC
Photo from Canva Images

*He surprises everyone (even the President because maybe he wasn't sure if the Secret Service could pull off this Christmas miracle) and everyone loves hearing Mailata sing for them
*After photos and small talk, the Secret Service rushed the Eagles starting Left Tackle out of the White House (front door this time because the secret is now common knowledge in the building) to get him back to the Philadelphia area so he would not late for the next day's Practice.
*In exchange for his assistance, Dom DiSandro received some White House memorabilia for helping the Secret Service deliver Jordan Mailata to the First Lady's party.

Or that is at least how I would imagine it would go for Jordan Mailata's version of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.  Just look at how grainy this photo is; As if Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicholas Cage's character in National Treasure) stole it from the White House and barely escaped with a copy to share with the media.

Nicolas Cage at "National Treasure" Press Conference In Tokyo.
(Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

Wait, did I accidentally figure out who NFL Insider Jay Glazer's anonymous source is within the Philadelphia Eagles organization? Ok, I won't tell anyone my theory...unless I am hired to write the screenplay for this would-be Disney+ or Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime movie.

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