When Tobias Harris signed his 5 Year, 180 Million dollar contract last summer to remain in Philadelphia, the expectations automatically elevated for a young man entering the prime of his NBA career.  His role on the team is more than just the Sixers' third scoring option, Harris is also expected to be a floor spacer, take pressure off Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons as a Rebounder, and not be a weak link on the defensive end of the floor.  But when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, Tobias Harris took on a new role in the leadership department.  He spoke about working on team chemistry, orchestrating team virtual meetings, checking on others, speaking out on Social Justice issues, along with mentoring younger players and bridging the gap between the different players on the roster.  Since the 76ers entered the NBA Bubble, Tobias Harris makes frequent appearances on Matisse Thybulle's YouTube Vlog where the whole world gets to see how Tobias is with his teammates on and off the court.  On top of all of this, Harris was the team's leading scorer in all of their Scrimmage Games as the NBA ramped up for the resumption of the season.

Co-Host of The NBA Podcast and Forbes Sports Contributor Bryan Toporek joined The Sports Bash on Thursday discussing how important Tobias Harris will be to the 76ers success in the NBA Playoffs:

"Nothing but positive things to say about Tobias Harris both on and off the court; It really does seem like he's taken more of a leadership mantle in these last few months which is great so see.  He is the team's highest paid player right now so with that comes the added responsibility and he might have not wanted to step on (Joel Embiid) and Ben (Simmons) toes having just come here last year, probably come in and feel like it's their team, they are the All-Stars, (Tobias may have) just wanted to fit in....Look, he's got to be a big part of this team if the Sixers are going to win a championship this year it can't just be (Joel Embiid) and Ben (Simmons), they need guys like Tobias, Shake Milton, Al Horford, Josh Richardson, they need big contributions from all of them.  I don't expect Tobias Harris to score 30 Points a game but if he can average around 20 (Points per Game) and shoot in the mid-(40 Percent range), hit a couple of threes per night, that is what they need out of him.  So its great to see him attack these scrimmages like they are regular season games or even like they are playoff games, the intensity has been there for him.  (Matisse Thybulle) spoke with reporters and they asked about Tobias in particular and Matisse had nothing but good things to say about how Tobias has gathered the team together and taken on that role of developing chemistry."

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