Heading into Game Four on Monday Night, Brett Brown made a significant change by inserting TJ McConnell into the Starting Lineup and that change paid off.  McConnell compiled 19 Points and Five Assists in 39 Minutes while the team had a series low Eight Turnovers.  Terry Rozier and Al Horford scored their fewest point totals of the series as McConnell's energy was contagious on both ends of the court.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Pre/Post Game Sixers Analyst Jim Lynam joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday discussing how much credit Brett Brown deserves for TJ McConnell's impact in the team's Game Four win:

“I think you got to pat Brett Brown on the back, he’s been taking a lot of heat in this series.  That move took some courage, cause if the Sixers don’t win that game, it’s going to seed even more criticism - So I can’t give Brett enough credit….I think Brett’s logic was really terrific, he said after Game 3 that for a team to pull out of an 0-3 hole, and nobody’s ever done it, (Brown) said he didn’t think it was for a lack of talent but for a lack of spirit and he said over the ensuing 48 hours as he spoke to his coaches.  (Brown) said ‘If we need spirit, let’s put our spirit guy in at the top of the game’ – So he followed his heart and his mind and the rest is history.”

Checkout what Lynam had to say about what makes TJ McConnell such an impactful player, perspective on Ben Simmons, and expectations for Game 5

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