The countdown is on for NBA Free Agency Extravaganza to start at 6pm EST on Sunday and there is extensive speculation about what will happen with Jimmy Butler, every analyst and expert has an opinion on what will happen.  With the reports coming out this week that the Rockets are preparing to make a push to get Jimmy Butler along with the Clippers pursuit of teaming up Butler with Kawhi Leonard, there are so many What If's as we approach one of the busiest NBA Offseasons in the last few years.  The 76ers have important decisions to make this summer and the pressure is on to make the right decisions.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Reporter John Clark joined Harry Mayes and Eytan Shander on Friday with his perspective on Jimmy Butler and if he will return to the Sixers:

"Interesting to me that it is all out there, that the Rockets are all in on Jimmy Butler and that they got deals in place to trade away a couple of their guys to have (salary cap) room....So I am thinking 'Why is this out there'; My opinion about this, I think that this is partly put out there by (JImmy Butler's) Agent to try to pressure the Sixers into from the get go at 6pm on Sunday give Jimmy the max deal.  I think (Butler's Agent) is trying to put fear out there for the Sixers because that's the only team that can offer him this kind of money.  I think if the Sixers offer him the Max Deal, he stays (in Philadelphia).  Now the only thing in the back of my mind that's interesting is we don't know if Jimmy has always wanted to go home and play in Houston. - I know (Butler) likes James Harden, he talks glowingly about (Harden), I know that they are friendly, I know that they have talked....So that's the one element that we don't know if Jimmy wants to go back to Houston.  But overall, Butler is looking for at his age...he's looking for the most money, most years and the only team that can do that is the Sixers.  So I think whoever is putting (these reports) out there is trying to pressure the Sixers into doing (a Max Contract) from the get go."

Checkout what Clark had to say about different scenarios for the Sixers in NBA Free Agency, Phillies four game sweep of the New York Mets, Bryce Harper, and more

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