Meet Brandon Graham, self-effacing realist.

Because, yeah, if his career ended today (semantics that are actually totally ironic because, would you really be surprised if it did?), the former No. 13 overall pick, or, in other words, the guy taken two slots ahead of Jason Pierre-Paul (same position) and Earl Thomas (the safety the Eagles really could use right now), would absolutely go down as a bust. Not a JaMarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf, or even Joey Harrington bust. But a bust nonetheless. Not his fault he tore his ACL his rookie year and underwent microfracture surgery that December, curbing him for all but 3 games in 2011. (For a total of 16 over two seasons.) Nor is it the scriptuals fault that,  yeah, durability is in the equation when it comes time to write legacies and grade drafts.

Thing is, Graham isn't running away from any of that. He's turning it on its head for some much-needed (after last year's reports that he was wolfing cheese steaks at a heart-stopping clip) motivation. Embracing it, even.

Said Graham (via Jonathan Tamari of "I haven’t (done) nothing really. Right now, I’m a bust, so I’m going to deal with that. I’m a bust and I’m going to keep being a bust, even when I make plays, I’m going to still act like I’m a bust, you know what I’m saying?"

If your "bust" count is broken from the 37 times you re-watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, that's four "busts" in 55 words. Good for Graham, being accountable. And for growing from it.

Said Graham: "Just going through that whole thing last year, not playing, I just grew as a person, that was number one. I've moved on from it now it’s time for me to defend myself."

And the Eagles defensive alley.