In his fifth year in the NFL, Carson Wentz is struggling more than at any point in his career.  Wentz is currently tied for the most Interceptions in the NFL with Six but over the last three seasons he only threw Seven Interceptions each season.  So far this season, Carson Wentz does also have the lowest Completion Percentage in his NFL career at 59.8 Percent.  The only hope for the Eagles Quarterback moving forward is that his Head Coach is Doug Pederson; Pederson a former NFL Quarterback who was the backup for Brett Favre and Dan Marino, is one of the most experienced coaches in the NFL at having experience getting the most out of Quarterbacks.  From Michael Vick to Alex Smith to Nick Foles, Pederson has coached up many different types of Quarterbacks who have played well under his coaching.

Co-Host of the Bleav In 49ers Podcast and Super Bowl Champion Eric Davis joined The Sports Bash on Thursday talking Carson Wentz and what he sees as a former All-Pro Cornerback:

"Carson (Wentz) is pressing right now; I personally really, really like Carson, I liked him coming out (of college), I liked him more than (Jared) Goff then...but I am also I guy who watched him all the way back in college. - I watched him play and I saw him develop, I like him a lot (and) I think he is extremely talented.  He's in his head; Football is hard, playing in the NFL is very difficult, it is almost impossible to play well when you are concerned about making a mistake.  If you are afraid to make a mistake, you will never make a play and Carson to me, watching him on tape, he is trying to be perfect and you cannot play football perfectly, it is impossible. - I think Doug (Pederson) is an excellent guy to get (Wentz) through this, the way (Pederson) understands the Quarterback position will give him the confidence to know he has a talented player there in front of him....But now Carson has to play, he has to perform.  The NFL is not about being good, everyone's good, everyone can run, everyone is strong, it's not about being good, it's about being consistent, and that's on the player.  So Doug (Pederson) can lead him to water and he can show him what is expected and these are the X's and O's...but X's and O's don't move on paper."

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