With just a week to go before the 2019 NFL regular season kicks off, the Dallas Cowboys are preparing as if they will not have their star RB Ezekiel Elliott on the field against the New York Giants.

Initial reactions from an Eagles perspective are likely filled with happiness as a division rival could be without their best offensive player for a portion of the season.

But is Elliott missing time actually a good thing for the Eagles?

A valid argument could be made that long-term, Dallas having their top-tier RB benefits Philadelphia.

It all depends on how you feel about Dak Prescott.

For those that believe Prescott is a good quarterback that will push the Eagles in the NFC East for years to come, having Elliott out will help push the division in favor of Philadelphia.

If you believe Prescott is an average QB that can't carry an offense without Elliott and the Cowboys offensive-line, perhaps sacrificing the short-term struggles of Dallas is better long-term.

In a scenario where Elliott holds out for the majority of the season, Dallas could get a large sample size of Prescott's ability to produce without his elite RB next to him.

If he fails to elevate the Cowboys, that could convince Jerry Jones not to pay Prescott the $35+ million annual contract he desires.

This scenario isn't impossible. In six games without Elliott in 2017, Prescott and the Cowboys were just 3-3. In four of the six games, Prescott threw for less than 200 yards with two touchdowns compared to five interceptions.

History repeating itself wouldn't be ideal for the Prescott doubters, who would like to see the Eagles have an advantage at QB over Dallas for the foreseeable future.

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