Looking around the league, it is hard to find a better core of weapons on offense than what the Eagles have.

With five legitimate pass-catching threats, Carson Wentz might have it better than anyone. One thing teams have over this Philadelphia offense however is a do-it-all weapon in the backfield. It is the only real advantage teams like the Saints and Rams have on offense over the Eagles. Alvin Kamara and Todd Gurley have helped take those offenses to an elite level.

If Howie Roseman is looking to supply Doug Pederson's offense with their own version of Kamara or Gurley, Alabama RB Josh Jacobs could be that guy.

Jacobs is a rare prospect. There aren't a lot of reasonable comparisons for him on the pro-level but he would be like combining the power of Derrick Henry and the receiving ability of Kamara.

Adding that kind of versatile weapon allows for an offense to be less predictable. A committee approach at RB has its benefits to an offense but when a team has a player on 3rd and 4 that can not only crash through the A gap to pick up those four yards but can also burn a LB on a wheel route along the sidelines, it keeps the defense on their toes.

That is exactly what Jacobs can do. His performance in 2018 against Auburn shows the endless ways a creative offensive mind like Pederson could use him.

Blocking and power

It's hard to find a prospect that enjoys delivering punishing blows more than Jacobs.

Alabama loved using him as the lead blocker on manufactured touches to receivers and carries to their other two runners.

Just like in this play, if Jacobs can get under a defender, he is going to move them off their spot.

Saban used him in that same role here in the red zone to help push Tua into the endzone.

The power side of Jacobs was on full display in this next clip. This was a common theme when the secondary tried to take him down.


The ultimate weapon

The Eagles should be salivating thinking about the ways they could use Jacobs around the formation like Alabama did.

Nick Saban used him everywhere. Lined up in the slot, calling him in motion from the outside WR spot, FB, and of course a traditional RB spot.

The Eagles utilize the screen game and misdirection plays often in their playbook. It is easy to see them using Jacobs in this role.

The top RB prospect this year can also make plays as a pass-catcher whether lined up in the backfield or at WR. He has soft hands and good body control down the field.

Adding this option for Wentz is a smart idea. In 2018, Wentz was extremely efficient throwing to running backs.

Many have a hard time getting behind investing valuable resources into the RB position but when a team has a lack of immediate holes, is in win-now mode, and has a plethora of picks to stockpile the roster with young talent like the Eagles do, adding a player of Jacobs's caliber is a smart investment.

He could make the 2019 offense the most talented Philadelphia has ever seen.

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