It took weeks and weeks, and 13 television episodes but a young lady from South Jersey has "won a farmer" on national television!

Sydney Errera, a graduate of Cedar Creek High School ended up being the chosen one of the Fox TV series, "Farmer Wants a Wife."

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YouTube Fox

Sydney gets the pick from Farmer Mitchell

On the show, four farmers began the season with each looking for a wife. Each farmer began with several ladies, and they had to eliminate all but one.

Sydney, 22,  was among the young ladies vying for the attention of Mitchell, a first generation farmer from Tennessee.

Sydney and Mitchell's attraction was evident from the first episode, and slowly but surely, MItchell eliminated the other women in his "pod."

Mitchell not only got along well with Sydney, he sparked what looks like a great relationship with Sydney's dad:

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Are Sydney and Mitchell getting married?

In the end, it was up to Mitchell to choose between Sydney and Kait, a girl from California. Mitchell chose Sydney.

"Getting to know you has been such a joy", said Mitchell.

Sydney said, "I definitely got lucky!"

Unlike other TV dating shows, there's no wedding at the end of "Farmer Wants a Wife."

Instead, Mitchell has invited Sydney to "stay on his farm."

"Yes! Yes! Yes", said Sydney.

And now the real adventure begins....

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