In the 15 games since the Sixers traded Nerlens Noel, Richaun Holmes has stepped into a major role as the primary backup Big Man for the team.  Without Noel on the roster and Joel Embiid out for the season, there was a major void to be filled and Holmes has done work averaging 13.3 Points, 6.4 Rebounds, and 1.4 Blocks in 24.4 Minutes Per Game while shooting 62.5 Percent from the Field.

Nine Year NBA Veteran Big Man and CSN Philly Sixers Pre and Post Game analyst Marc Jackson joined The Sports Bash on Thursday to discuss the impact of Richaun Holmes:

"Holmes gives you, not just a little bit more, he gives you the same activity around the rim offensively and defensively....Holmes gives you the similar activity (that Nerlens Noel did on defense) around the rim.  He might not equal the amount of Blocked Shots but the amount of Shots Changed or altered in a game Holmes will give you just as much, maybe not as much, but he can give you quite a bit around the rim with his activity: his shot blocking, him altering things, he can give you that.  Offensively he gives you a ton more (than Noel did), he give you somebody who is not just an alley-oop guy, yes he can do that too, but he can pick and pop, he even stretch out to the three (point line) now.  So Holmes gives you a lot."

Hear what Jackson had to say about playing Back to Back games in the NBA along with his perspective on Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons injury issues

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