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Okafor missed the 76ers flight to Charlotte and didn't play in the win over the Hornets, and was expected to miss tonight's game in Boston, after trade rumors swirled with his name attached.

"it's interesting," said former NBA executive Bobby Mark from the Vertical on the Sports Bash. "I don't recall a player ever being held out of a game with the reason being he was involved in trade discussions."

"When I was in New Jersey, we held players out of a game when there was frame-work of a deal that had been agreed upon, so to hold him out of the games is a little bit confusing there."

While the Sixers were on the road in Charlotte, Okafor was at the training complex in Camden with Embiid and Simmons. He also missed last Saturday's game against the Heat, because coach Brett Brown said "there were trade rumors that were happening before the game."

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