The first round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs is currently in the rearview for the Philadelphia 76ers. Since they have advanced in five games, they are beyond thinking about that intense series against the Brooklyn Nets. Now, the Sixers have their sights set on the Eastern Conference Finals, but first, they have to get past the Toronto Raptors.

As for the Sixers' previous opponent, they are watching the rest of the playoffs from home. So lately, Nets players have had plenty of time on their hands to live tweet some of the games and even speak to the media about what happened this past season. Recently, Philadelphia's favorite enemy as of late popped back up in the media as he once again discussed one of the Sixers own.

Nets' veteran forward Jared Dudley made the series against Philadelphia quite interesting. While Dudley was hardly productive for the Nets when it came to the scoreboard, he was their top enforcer, getting into the heads of the 76ers. Being that he had to guard Sixers' All-Star Ben Simmons, Dudley tried to talk down on his game with a brutally honest assessment. While Dudley credited Simmons for being 'elite in transition' he followed up that statement by saying Simmons is 'Average' when it comes to half-court.

Obviously, everybody ran with Dudley's second statement, which lit a fire under Simmons and the Sixers. In a way, Dudley's criticism was a big-time motivator for Ben Simmons during that series. And although the series is finished and in the past, the veteran forward does have a little bit of remorse for his judgment.

"Should I have used the word 'average'? Looking back on it, no," Dudley told Marc Stein of the New York Times. "It was such a negative reaction after I said it that no one heard I also said he was elite in transition and an elite passer. But, you know, it happens. It's the playoffs. And I understand the reaction. I understand how it goes."

According to Bleacher Report's Rob Goldberg, Dudley feels he used a poor choice of words while describing the young star. Is it a major deal? Not exactly. If anything, Dudley did a good job of keeping the series interesting. Although the Nets struggled, as they only pulled off one win in five games, the intensity from the off-court trash talking made it a fun series for both sides. Now, everybody can leave it in the past.

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