A CSN Philly report came out today that the Phillies have made 'multiple' inquiries on the availability of Miami Marlins OF Giancarlo Stanton.

Jayson Stark, ESPN.com MLB Insider, called 'The Sportsbash' and talked about the current state of the Phillies and whether or not he thinks a Stanton trade--within the division--is a possibility.

"I just dont see how they can math up or pay or overpay what its going to take. For Mets it'd be Zack Wheeler or Matt Harvey," Stark said.

For the Phillies, excluding Jesse Biddle, they can't offer a package like that to entice the Marlins to deal Stanton inside their division. So Stark can't see a deal getting done during the season, but didn't rule anything out happening in the off season.

In the CSN Philly report, Jim Salisbury also mentions the chance of the Phillies becoming sellers if they continue to struggle with names like Cliff Lee and Chase Utley on the trading block.

"'From what I hear, Chase Utley wants to play for another 5 years. Can the Phillies commit to a lengthy deal like that if true?'

Utley is in the final year of his contract and five more years in the majors would him and his balky knees at 39.