Eagles owner Jeff Lurie will speak to the media at 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon. Just a Bit Outside will bring the audio to you live. Looking for answers after an 8-8 season which -- despite a very strong finish -- resulted in a 2nd place finish in the NFC East and outside the playoff picture? Tune in.

Here's what I'll be listening for:

The future of Andy Reid: I expect this to be addressed quickly and without much interest. Black Monday has come and gone. It's no surprise that Andy Reid is still the head man.

The future of Juan Castillo: The elephant in the room. We all know how poor the defense was at times and how ugly the fourth quarter collapses were. It is hard to ignore how well the unit played down the stretch, though. Castillo's departure is likely, but not imminent. Commence your screaming now.

Just why is Jeff talking: This isn't his custumory style, not this soon after a season ends. Is he up there to give a State of the Franchise or is there something signifigant to announce. Why is he speaking in a setting like this before Andy Reid?

Thoughts on DeSean Jackson's season and subsequent apology: The guy was a roller coaster from start to finish. Does the owner expect the flashy weapon to return?

What the live media members will throw at him: If there is an extensive Q and A period by Lurie following an opening statement, look for the media to go to town. Andy Reid is so guarded that it feels like the media holds back sometimes on what they truly are wondering. Today is the day to ask those questions, possibly to an unprepared, restraint free owner.

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