PHILADELPHIA ( - Down in Orlando for the Pro Bowl, a couple of veteran Eagles continued the attempt to throw cold water on the controversial article which quoted anonymous sources portraying the Carson Wentz as "selfish" and "egotistical."

Right tackle Lane Johnson labeled the report as "drama" and almost business as usual in the football-crazy town of Philadelphia while versatile safety Malcolm Jenkins dived a little deeper into the personality traits reported in the piece.

"Well, I didn’t read the whole article," Jenkins told CBS Tampa reporter Justin Granit. "I only started responding when people tried to say I was the one making the quotes, which is crazy."

Many Eagles fans have been keeping a checklist of the players who have defended Wentz on Twiter, a club both Jenkins and Johnson are in by the way, in an attempt to weed out the anonymous sources, a silly exercise because last time I checked no one, blue checkmark or not, sane or demonstrably not, is under oath before they tweet out their next thought.

More so what's the end game there  Doxxing the offenders for sharping an opinion?

Perhaps the more productive exercise would be reading past the headlines and adding the context, like the fact all great quarterbacks are often "uncompromising" and craving autonomy in any offense with Tom Brady, preparing to play in his ninth Super Bowl, the best evidence of that.

"I think any great player is going to be confident," Jenkins explained. "Any great player is going to know what he likes, is going to be demanding. I’m the same way with the D coordinator [Jim Schwartz], where I can go say ‘no, I don’t want to run this.’ So I think him being assertive or anything like that is what you want out of your starting quarterback. He’s a leader."

Case closed and time to turn the page, according to Johnson.

"That's all I see it as is drama," the star O-Lineman said. "It's nothing new to the city, nothing new to us. It'll blow over and that will be that."

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