One of the disappointments of the 2016-17 season for the Sixers was Ben Simmons missing the entire season due to a fluke injury that happened on the last day of Training Camp at Stockton.  Simmons, who was the Number One Overall Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, is a player whose talents include excellent court vision and athleticism along with high basketball IQ.

Hoops Hype NBA Writer Alex Kennedy joined The Sports Bash on Friday and talked about what he has seen from Ben Simmons this Summer:

"He’s been around (NBA Summer League) at times. The other day, they had a media day and he came out and basically the media members played pick up, played basketball on the court and he came out and was playing a bit. He was having some fun out there. He’s been working really hard. He’s been in the gym a ton, working on his game. So not only is he trying to get healthy, he’s trying to improve his game so when he does go out there he can be really impactful. I like what I’ve seen from him as far as a leadership standpoint, he looks like he’s in shape, it seems like he’s working extremely hard. I know he’s posting all of these videos on Instagram and Twitter of him working out at the gym late at night. I know he’s put up a ton of shots, trying to improve that jumper; So I like what I’ve seen from him. I’m excited to see him play."

Hear what Kennedy had to say about Lonzo Ball and 2017 NBA Summer League, what is next for the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony, along with roster decisions the Sixers have to make heading into the 2017-18 season

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