CAMDEN, NJ ( -- Over the summer, the Sixers made tons of noise during the start of the NBA Free Agency period. Mainly, the Sixers were being discussed throughout the league because everybody was interested in what they were going to do with both impending free agents, Jimmy Butler, and Tobias Harris.

However, the Sixers were quietly assembling what could end up being one of their better rosters in terms of reserve depth as well. One of the players who could be of great help contributing to that is none other than former Indiana Pacers big man, Kyle O'Quinn.

Known as an NBA journeyman, O'Quinn has been a part of multiple franchises since he was drafted in the NBA back in 2012. After playing with the Orlando Magic, New York Knicks, and the Indiana Pacers, O'Quinn looks to extend that list further as he's set to make his 2019 NBA Preseason debut with the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday.

Roughly about a week ago, O'Quinn had the opportunity to begin working with the Sixers as a whole for their 2019 training camp. And recently, the veteran big man had a chance to play in front of a small but sold-out crowd in Delaware for the Sixers' yearly Blue and White scrimmage.

While he hasn't been here for a long time, O'Quinn already feels as if the Sixers are destined to do some big things in 2019 based on the training camp vibes from the last week or so. "Guys are here to play," O'Quinn said on Monday, just one day before the Sixers face their first opponent of the preseason.

Ever since Sixers' former first pick, Ben Simmons mentioned that the team had its best, first practice ever since he's been a part of the organization, a lot of the Sixers personnel has been echoing the same sentiment. Sure, they are having fun on the court, but everybody is genuinely playing with a chip on their shoulder.

Whether that chip comes from losing an emotional game seven on the road to get eliminated from the playoffs -- or if that chip comes from continually moving on from team to team -- players are motivated to be great this season for the Sixers as they all have their reasons to be motivated.

But what about the young guys though? How are they keeping up with the NBA pace and remaining motivated, despite being the new kids on the block? O'Quinn believes it's simply just the veterans leading by example.

"Guys are here to work, and they understand what gets you to the top," O'Quinn stated. "You see these guys not taking drills lightly, and Coach Brown, [he] gets into it with examples. I think that all trickles from the the top and straight down [to the bottom] you know? All the players, even the young guys see that and [that makes them] bring it as well."

There's obviously a significant difference between training camp drills, scrimmages, and the preseason -- but the young guys seem to be catching on rather quickly, and veterans such as O'Quinn have been a major part of that. While the Sixers likely appreciate the veteran center for his efforts and leadership so far this offseason, it sure sounds like O'Quinn is equally appreciative of the young guys and their will to get to work.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for South Jersey's 97.3 ESPN. You can follow Justin on Twitter: @JGrasso_

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