With the Sixers win over the Cavaliers on Thursday Night, the team is currently the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference standings a half game behind the Pacers and two games behind the Wizards.  Since January 3rd, the Sixers are 8-5 versus Eastern Conference teams in the playoff hunt.

ESPN NBA Analyst Tim Legler joined The Sports Bash on Friday discussing the Sixers standing among the teams in the Eastern Conference:

“Any of the teams that are currently five through eight in either Conference that have to go on the road if the playoffs started tomorrow, in the first round the Sixers are the most dangerous team and I don’t care who they play, I don’t care if it’s Toronto, Boston or Cleveland, it doesn’t matter, they’re not a team that anyone’s going to want to see in the first round – Who knows what Cleveland is able to figure out over the last 20 games, do they slide back to the pack? Washington is playing incredible basketball since John Wall went out; John Wall is coming back in a few weeks….You got Milwaukee in the mix, it looked like they figured everything out and now they’re stumbling again – I think (Third spot) is possible, I don’t think that’s out of the question that the Sixers could get the three seed.  If you are asking me to lay money on it, I’d say probably end up more likely in the five/six spot and you get a team like Washington, Milwaukee or Cleveland in the First Round.”

Checkout what Legler had to say about Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, LeBron James, and more

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