Tonight is the opening of the Sixers' 2016 season and everyone has been talking about the debut of Joel Embiid who was the 3rd overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.  But what about the other guy from the 2014 NBA Draft?  Dario Saric also makes his NBA Debut tonight after playing in Europe the last couple seasons.

ESPN NBA Analyst Tim Legler joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and discussed what he has seen from Dario Saric so far:

"First time I really saw an extended version of him was this Summer in the Olympics...I really watched him play a ton in Rio and I was very impressed with, right off the bat. the thing that jumped out to me is a guy like this on your team infinitely improves your IQ as a team.  His ability to read the floor, how hard he plays, how hard he cuts, he guards; and when he gets the basketball he's so decisive with where the ball goes next, it just helps the flow of your offense.  It makes you a smarter team and Brett Brown hasn't had enough of those type of guys on the floor.  So I love (Dario's) versatility, I love his IQ for the game, he's got a mature polished aspect to his game that they lack in a lot of their younger players.  So even though he's a young player he plays beyond his years....he definitely has a maturity to his game and I think he is going to be a mainstay for the Sixers and he's going to be a guy that Sixers fans are going to want on the court more and more as the season goes on."

Checkout Legler's analysis of Joel Embiid entering the season along with his thoughts on how Brett Brown will manage the Sixers' moving parts and the return of Jahlil Okafor from injury