Frank Vogel is a hot commodity as teams such as the Houston Rockets and New York Knicks have reached out to him along with TV Networks.  ESPN NBA Analyst Tim Legler spoke with Mike Gill on Friday and explained why it's unfair that the Indiana Pacers did not bring him back as their Head Coach:

"I think it's really unfair, when you look at his body of work and the job that he did this year; he took over a completely different team this year, I mean they replaced 60 percent of their starting lineup. (Lance) Stephenson gone, (Roy) Hibbert gone, (David) West gone, your best player (Paul George) coming back his first full season after that bad injury, all new parts around him. You change your style of play, you go smaller, you have a rookie playing major minutes for you whose 20 years old, Myles Turner. So many changes and yet he leads them to not only the playoffs but they go seven games against the 2 seed and a couple calls go differently in that game or they don't give away the game they had a 15 point lead going into the 4th quarter....He did a phenomenal job, he's a good coach, well regarded, well respected; I think it came down to the very simple fact that Larry Bird just didn't buy into Frank Vogel."

Legler went on to say he could see a scenario where Frank Vogel could be coaching the 76ers in the near future:

"The way this league works you know there's eight, nine jobs open every year it seems like, so it won't be too long before Frank Vogel is coaching a team in the NBA and don't be surprised if Brett Brown isn't in trouble if (Sixers) don't see progress this year with the new management team in there, if they don't see progress with the Sixers and a more coordinated effort defensively, more prepared team and the progress of their young players that wouldn't shock me. I don't know if Vogel would want that job but it would make a lot of sense: a Wildwood guy, a great coach, a track record, getting a chance to coach the Sixers that would make some sense to me. Don't be surprised, they gave Brett Brown the extension but that wasn't Bryan Colangelo that did that so remember that."

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