The Sixers are currently 6-2 in the month of January and the excitement in the city is growing daily about Rookie Center Joel Embiid who became the first 76ers' Rookie to score 20 plus points in ten straight games since Allen Iverson.  The team is trending upward and that's a concern for some Sixers fans because they are worried they may not get as high of a draft pick in this year's draft if the team wins "too much".

Chris Mannix of NBC Sports Radio and The Vertical joined Josh Hennig on Thursday to give his perspective on the Sixers recent winning trend:

"I don't think they're winning too much; look their draft picks are stocked for the next couple years because of the moves they've made over the last few and now is the time you want to really dig into the development of Joel Embiid and eventually Ben Simmons when he returns to the lineup.  Everything should be focused on getting wins and establishing a winning culture with this team.  It's going to be a rough couple of years for these guys, I mean it's nice to have some positive momentum and handle full of wins they have picked up in recent weeks has certainly been exciting.  But this is a team that's going to struggle to win close games just like Oklahoma City once did...they are going to go through some growing pains and it's going to be tough.  So for right now everything, every game, has got to be focused on trying to learn how to win late."

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