A major contributor to the 76ers success this season has been the play and veteran leadership of JJ Redick.  Redick is in his 12th NBA season and posting career highs of Points Per Game (16.9), Rebounds Per Game (2.8), and Free Throw Percentage (94%).  Redick is currently second on the team in Points Per Game, third in Assists Per Game (3.3), and second in Three Point Shooting Percentage (40.3%).  At 33 years old, Redick has added valuable leadership for the young Sixers team on and off the court.

Sixers Radio Broadcaster Tom McGinnis joined The Sports Bash on Friday and talked about what JJ Redick has brought to the 76ers:

“He’s added a lot, namely (scoring) 17 Points per Game and shot making – He is a leader, he’s been around, he’s 33 Years Old, he was a part of that Clippers team that won 50 games (four) straight years….He’s a smart guy, he’s added a lot to the locker room and as we found out the other day with the Golden State Warriors the (Head) Coach can only say so much and you got to have guys that go out there and put the marching orders in place and most guys police themselves – They have a group text among the players and they got that going in the summer because JJ was new to the group, so there’s a lot of tentacles and things that reach out with his leadership that we’re probably not even aware of….His preparation, that professionalism we always hear about – well those things have sustained him for a reason because they’re there, they’re evident and young players and we got some guys that are 20 and 22 years old and they’re going to look up to and learn from a guy like that.”

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