With the reported offer by the New Orleans Pelicans for Sixers Center Jahlil Okafor, the question now is what is next for the 76ers?  Does the Okafor to Pelicans deal make sense for both teams?  What we do know for sure is the Sixers need to do something about the logjam of Big Men who all have the expectation of being starters or getting significant playing time every game.  We also know that there are teams like the Pelicans who see Okafor as a viable option for them to improve their roster.

Sixers Beat Reporter Tom Moore joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and talked about what is next for the Sixers and Jahlil Okafor:

"(Pelicans offering Alexis) Ajinca and a 2018 Protected 1st Round pick kind of sets the bar around the league for what the going price is for Okafor right now.  So Bryan Colangelo can sit back and wait, the Trade Deadline is (February) 23rd, so he can see hopefully somebody comes up with a better offer, if somebody decides they want Okafor and thinks he's worth more then that or there's an injury.  And then he can decide if nobody does better then that and the Pelicans deal is still on the table, do you pull the trigger on that or do you wait until the draft and see if you can get more if you package a pick....I don't think (Colangelo) has to make a deal but I think it would be the best thing for the team, for Brett Brown and for the players just to get some clarity here and kind of move on the last seven weeks of the season having a better idea what's going on."

Hear what Moore had to say about Joel Embiid not playing and if the Sixers are being too cautious in how they are handling his health or if there is something else going on:

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